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50/50 (PDF) [273KB] : this form is used to move between 50/50 and the main LGPS 2015.

Change of bank form (PDF) [198KB] : this form is used to tell us where to pay your LGPS pension. Note: you can update your bank details using SPFOnline.

Change in personal circumstances (PDF) [261KB] : this form is used to notify us about a change in your personal details. Note: you can update your contact details using SPFOnline.

Cohabiting partner information (PDF) [223KB] : this form is used to provide information about a nominated cohabiting partner after the death of a member.

Commutation election (PDF) [169KB]   AVC Commutation election (PDF) [113KB]  : these forms are used to tell us how much tax free cash you want to take at retirement / whether you wish to give up pension for cash.

Pension wise declaration form (PDF) [79KB]  : this form is used to confirm pension wise guidance 

Education form (PDF) [229KB]  : this form is used to provide us with details of the education or training being received by a dependant.

HMRC form (PDF) [252KB] : this form is used to supply HMRC with the information they need to be told when someone is retiring.

Life Certificate 2023 (PDF) [34KB] this form is used by overseas pensioners

Nomination form (PDF) [192KB] : this form is used to nominate someone for a lump sum on your death. Note: you can make and update your nominations using SPFOnline.

Opt Out form (PDF) [261KB] : this form should used to opt out of the pension scheme. For Your Future (PDF) [2MB]  should be read before signing the opt out form. 




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